Little Elephant

little green elephantMATERIALS
- Any type of main colour yarn will do, just choose your needle size as appropriate to the yarn weight. Ideally you would like to create a fabric tight enough so that the stuffing does not show through.
- Small amount of contrast colour yarn for eyes
- Set of double pointed needles
- Stuffing
- Tapestry needle

knit elephant duoGreen Elephant was knit with US #4 double pointed needles and measures approx 7.5 cm (3 inches) from trunk to bum, 9 cm (3.5 inches) ear to ear.

Pink elephant was knit with US #6 double pointed needles and measures approx 12.5 cm (5 inches) from trunk to bum, 13.5 cm (5.25 inches) ear to ear.

CO = Cast on
BO = Bind off
K = knit
KFB = knit into front and back of stitch
K2T = knit two together
SSK = slip 2 stitches individually as if to knit, then knit those 2 stitches together
M1 = Make 1
sts = stitches

Legs - Knit in the round (make 4)
Using double-point needles, CO 8 sts. Divide sts evenly between needles, place marker and join to begin working in the round, being careful not to twist.
Round 1: [KFB] in each st. 16 sts.
Rounds 2-11: K all sts.
Round 12: BO4, K8, BO4. 8 sts. (Leave a 6 inch tail. This will be used to sew up legs later and will be conveniently in the center of BO stitches.)
Transfer live stitches to holder.

Head/Body - Knit in the round (make 1)
Divide live stitches from all four legs around 3 needles so that BO sts all face the center of triangle.
Needle 1: 8 stitches from leg one, 4 stitches from leg two
Needle 2: 4 stitches from leg two, 4 stitches from leg three
Needle 3: 4 stitches from leg three, 8 stitches from leg four

Rounds 1-2: K all sts.
Round 3: K2, K2T, K8, SSK, K4, K2T, K8, SSK, K2. 28 sts.
Round 4: K all sts.
Round 5: K1, K2T, K8, SSK, K2, K2T, K8, SSK, K1. 24 sts.
Round 6: K all sts.
Now would be a good time to pause, turn your knitting upside down on a table and sew the legs shut using the 6 inch tails you left when casting off earlier. There will be 4 short seems running from the center to the outside edge each joining 2 legs together at a time.
Round 7: K2T, K8, SSK, K2T, K8, SSK. 20 sts.
Round 8: K all sts.
Round 9: K9, K2T, K8, K2T.18 sts.
Stuff legs and body/head. Transfer the lone stitch from Needle 2 to the needle with 8 sts. There should now be two needles with 9 sts each. Kitchener stitch shut, leave approx 4 inch length of yarn at the end, this will form part of the elephants tail.

Trunk - Knit in the round (make 1)
CO 12 sts.
Needle 1: 5 sts.
Needle 2: 2 sts.
Needle 3: 5 sts.

Round 1: K all sts.
Round 2: K to last 2 sts, SSK. 11 sts.
Round 3: K all sts.
Round 4: K2T, K to end. 10 sts.
Round 5: K all sts.
Repeat Rounds 2-5 twice more. 6 sts.
K 4 rows
Cut yarn, thread tail through remaining stitches, gather and tie tightly. Stuff trunk and attach to body on opposite side from the length of yarn remaining from kitchenering the body.

Ears - Knit flat (make 2)
CO 6 sts.
Purl 1st and all odd numbered rows.
Row 2: K2, M1, K2, M1, K2. 8 sts.
Row 4: K3, M1, K2, M1, K3. 10 sts.
Row 6: K4, M1, K2, M1, K4. 12 sts.
Row 8: K5, M1, K2, M1, K5. 14 sts.
Rows 10: K all sts.
Row 12: K all sts.
Row 14: K all sts.
Row 16: K4, K2T, K2, SSK, K4. 12 sts.
Row 18: K3, K2T, K2, SSK, K3. 10 sts.
Row 20: K2, K2T, K2, SSK, K2. 8 sts.
Row 22: K, K2T, K2, SSK, K. 6 sts.
Row 24: BO all sts.
Fold ear in half so that CO and BO edges are together. Sew together side seams (do not stuff), attach to body.

knit elephant bumsUsing tapestry needle and an 8 inch length of main colour, pull yarn through the last stitch that was kitchenered on top of the body so that 4 inches dangles on either side. Use this and yarn end left from kitchenering body shut to braid a short tail. Use a contrast colour to embroider eyes. Your little elephant is complete!

Please feel free to email me with any questions/comments (or pics!) at christine (at) christinelandry (dot) com.

17 Responses to “Little Elephant”

  1. Donna B. Says:

    This is adorable! I’ve never knit toys before, but I want to make this my first. Thank you!

  2. gea Says:

    what a nice en lovly elephant
    thanks for sharing

  3. Judith Says:

    Your little elephant is abosolutely adorable!

  4. Giulia Says:

    Your little elephant makes me smile. What a great design!


  5. MonkeyGurrl Says:

    PERFECT!!!! I was looking for a little something to go along with a baby sweater for a baby shower, and this is PERFECT!!!! Thank you so, so much!

  6. Aly Says:

    Hey there, I was wondering if I could link to this in my blog! May I?

  7. KnitFree Says:

    […] Little Elephant by Christine Landry […]

  8. Christine Says:

    Thanks so much for the feedback everyone, I’m thrilled to hear you like the little guy.

    Aly, I sent you an email but just in case, yes you may link to my pattern on your blog, I am flattered you would ask :)

  9. Roma Says:

    Loved it! A perfect gift when visiting little ones over the holidays. Much appreciated.

  10. Anna Says:

    Having not knitted for years I am now on number 7 of these (everyone is having babies!) I had to teach myself to knit on dpn’s as well as kitchener stitch and have had great fun making them and seeing them being enjoyed by small people! I’ve just spotted the giraffe pattern…:-)

  11. carol Says:

    thank you i will ry kniting it and let you know how i get on

  12. vicki Says:

    I love this pattern, can’t wait to start it.

  13. April Says:

    Oh my goodness - I just saw this pattern and had to comment — that is just too cute - I collect everything elephants so this would be a lot of fun to make if I can - I love knitting so this should be a fun challenge. Thank you so much for the use of the pattern.


  14. Megan Says:

    Thank you so much for such a cute pattern! I just finished my Little Elephant today and here’s a picture:
    Link to picture

    I am sending it to my friend who is away at a music camp and she will be ecstatic to receive it, I am sure! ^^ Thanks again!

  15. Heather Says:

    too cute! i’m starting it tonight. =]

  16. Katie Says:

    I knit 4 of different colors and then doubled (not exactly just doubled) the pattern to make a “mommy” elephant. My nephew loved them! So has everyone else that’s seen them. I can’t keep up with the orders from friends and families! Thanks so much for sharing!
    I’ve tried to attach a picture. I hope it worked.

    Thanks again!

  17. Lulu Says:

    Thanks for the cute patterns. I knitted both the little elephant and little giraffe for my nephew. They are sooo cute. Can I link this to my blog ? For the result of my knitted stuffs, please follow this link

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